A Knee Kinesiography with KneeKG is a brief in-clinic exam that accurately and objectively assesses complete movement of the knee while the patient is walking on a conventional treadmill. It is to the knee what the electrocardiogram is to the heart – demonstrating exactly how the joint is functioning.

The computerized assessment provides data about dynamic alignment and other mechanical deficits to help understand the causes of each patient’s knee pain and symptoms. The exam is useful for patients with knee osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, anterior knee pain and other forms of knee problems, including residual pain post- surgery.

The enhanced understanding of knee issues has been proven to increase adherence and compliance in care management plans. Additionally, by enabling a more efficient,personalized approach, it has led to reduced pain and increased function

Knee Kinesiography can also be used for athletes to understand mechanical deficits that may impact their performance level and risks of potential injuries.

Following a Knee Kinesiography, the therapist has access to a selection of recommended exercises according to the mechanical deficit (s) identified during the exam.


Seeing a Clinical Case Study and Knee Kinesiography (KneeKG) Demo

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  • The normal function of the knee
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