Bookhout Seminars, LLC is a physical therapy continuing education group that specializes in providing in-house manual therapy courses, instructing physical therapists in advanced evaluative techniques and manual interventions. Mark Bookhout, PT, MS, FAAOMPT, CFMM developed this material over 35 years of clinical experience with influences from Stanley Paris, Michigan State School of Osteopathic Medicine, The Barral Institute, Janda, Feldenkrais and countless other experts. Mr. Bookhout had an exceptional skill of integrating competing approaches into a single, cohesive multi-systems evaluative and treatment approach. Mr. Bookhout has been mentoring Galen Wetzell and Kyle Cook for instruction of his material over the last several years and he has now stepped away from teaching. He is still heavily involved with content development, but has passed on teaching responsibilities to Galen and Kyle. Bookhout Seminars will travel to your clinic to present a 2 or 3 day course. We have a number of courses ready to be presented for you to consider, but can also customize a course to fit your needs. Please contact us at our website for more information about our courses.

Courses: Exercise as an Adjunct to Manual Therapy An Eclectic Approach to the Evaluation and Treatment of the Pelvis Evaluation and Treatment of the Upper Quarter Fascial Release and Postural Rebalancing from Head to Toe Manual Therapy for the Extremities Utilizing Joint Mobilization, Recoil and Muscle Energy A Biomechanical Model for Evaluation and Treatment of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis​Evaluation and Treatment of the Thoracic Spine and Rib Cage Improving Clinical Reasoning Skills in the Evaluation and Treatment of Low Back and Leg Pain Manual Therapy for Headaches and Head Trauma: Part 1 Manual Therapy for Headaches and Head Trauma: Part 2

Movement Restoration Module
Provides exercises that were originally developed by Mark Bookhout to compliment the continuing education manual therapy courses offered thru the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. The exercises are categorized by their intent and consist of self-mobilizing exercises for joint and/or neural dysfunctions, regional and specific self-stretches to address hypertonic muscles, exercises to facilitate awareness in muscles prone to inhibition in functional movement patterns and finally exercises that are interregional and based upon restoration of normal motor control for specific functional tasks. Hands on courses utilizing the exercises found in this exercise module are offered thru Bookhout Seminars, LLC and The Back to Normal Institute.

Mark Bookhout and Lisa Chase worked together to create the movement restoration module through Rehab Links ( link – ) and continue to develop interactive online applications to bridge exercise, manual therapy and clinical algorythyms to improve patient outcomes.

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